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Hello and welcome to my brand new blog about Neo- Nazism and its impact on nowadays society. What I am interested in is in how far Neo- Nazi ideology still attracts people around the globe and why so many of us still fall for its ideas. I’m going to have a look at different cases in the UK, Germany, and the US and try to understand the reason behind a growing Neo- Nazi movement. Examples of racism and nationalism up to claims of racial superiority can be found in current German and American politics and the migration and financial crisis in Europe doesn’t seem to calm this situation very much either. Through a look into some neo- Nazi websites, by watching interviews, films and hopefully reading about some firsthand experiences of ex- Nazi sympathizers, I hope to gain a better understanding what really attracts people about this issue. What is so interesting to me about this particular topic is the fact that fascism never seems to lose its fascination to a lot of people, although we should know better by know. During the first part of the 20th century, Fascism obviously had its culmination in Europe with the dictatorships in Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia.

nazismCredit: holocaustonline.com

Although this dark period in European history is thankfully behind us, many of its key ideologies are still very much alive. I, myself have been confronted in the past with its ugly representatives- living in a small village in the Italian Alps, where neo- Nazism is still an issue. In the United Kingdom, where I am currently living and studying this seems to be very much the case as well. Talking to a couple of students the other day made me discover that I, as a blond, tall and more northern looking person, would have less of a problem when moving to the countryside around Halifax or Hull than a person from the south of Europe would have.

One of the most shocking and concerning evolutions of the last years for me was the rise of the ultra- right AFD (Alternative für Deutschland/ Alternative for Germany) party in Germany. Although not being on the same level as neo- Nazism and its German representatives (NPD– party/ Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands/ National democratic german party),, many of its party members have been accused of being populist, racist and misleading. AFD deputy Alexander Gauland made headlines last year by saying that football player Jérôme Boateng, member of the national football league, was appreciated as a sportsman but nobody wanted to have him as a neighbor living next door.  Statements like the latter could be repeatedly found in the last American presidential elections as well, up to the point where the chairman of the American Nazi Party, Rocky Suhayda, referred to Donald Trump’s presidency as a real opportunity for his organization. This blog doesn’t have the intention to simply condemn all of the above-mentioned examples but to critically evaluate them and hopefully to make them more comprehensive. Is it pure fear that drives people into the arms of fanatics and extremists or is there more behind the latest rise of the alt- right around the globe. I will try to find out more about it.


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