Mein Kampf

My entry today is going to be about one of the most controversial books in history, which at the same time can be seen as cornerstone of Nazi- ideology; of course, I am talking about Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. After 70 years the copyright of the book, hold by Bavarian authorities, has expired, which preoccupied many people, fearing that a new wave of right- extremism would threaten democracy. The new and edited version, which includes a critical analysis and commentary of 4000 books, has been sold out in a breathtakingly fast amount of time. To censor the book, in my opinion, would not be a problem- solving approach since it would possible create a certain aura of glamor and glory.

To critically analyze it and in that way to deconstruct Mein Kampf is certainly a much more effective way to hinder possible neo- Nazis to get affected by this highly seductive piece of work. As James Butler states in his article “People are buying Mein Kampf: Should we be panicking?” audiences have to be very careful with Mein Kampf and although hButlere is against censorship e suggested an attentive reading of the material. But why are people at this day and age still scared of a book, written 70 years ago, which in most aspects is rather primitively written and at least doesn’t hide its anti-Semite and anti- Bolshevist message. As far as I am concerned, it has much to do with the fear that people still see Nazism as something evil from the past that has happened but at the same time will stay there and does not concern our modern society anymore. If people think about the third Reich, it seems that they link Nazi- ideology always to Germany and treat it as something that could have happened only during this particular time and under particular conditions. The issue here is that Nazism and the hateful ideology of

The issue here is that Nazism and the hateful ideology of Mein Kampf in particular, cannot be seen as something solely evil and stay somewhere on its own but has always to be linked to humankind in general- it´s our product, and our burden. If we really want to unmask Hitler`s famous autobiography, we, first of all, must admit that his horrendous arguments against certain races and geographical areas are as part of our society nowadays as love and understanding for everyone are. As Terrence already said: ”Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto” (I am human, and I think that nothing that is human is alien to me). It does not help anybody if we censor or even prohibit dangerous literature but at the same time, we understandably have to be very careful with it. I do think that books and films can be terribly seductive and led people to do wrong things, which in the case of neo- Nazism is clearly the case.  At the same time, I think that it is important that we all understand that what has happened in Nazi Germany is not a relic of the past but can happen every time again. It should be our goal to create a social environment in which dangerous and hateful literature and books like Mein Kampf have its space but at the same time do not affect people because the simply know better.


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