Neo Nazism in the UK

Living and studying in the United Kingdome has been a blessing for me, which I did not expect. When I started my Master course, people in Britain had recently voted to leave the European Union, which was a shock nobody expected. Only a few days before the actual polling day, another, even more dramatic incident, took place. Labor MP Jo Cox was killed only a few days before the EU referendum by a former psychiatric patient and white supremacist. Cox, who campaigned to remain in the European Union, was a human rights activist and liberal and was in favor of immigration. A fact that many neo- Nazi groups and far- right organizations in the United Kingdom rejected. After the horrible attack, members of the so-called national action group tweeted out comments like: “only 649 MPs to go” or, talking about Jo Coxe´s assassin: “Vote Leave, don’t let this man’s sacrifice go in vain.

Helen_Joanne_Cox pic

By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

Jo Cox would have filled Yorkshire with more subhumans!” Due to the group’s openly anti-Semitic statements and call for violence, it is expected to be labeled as a terrorist organization by the parliament. The neo- Nazi group lately made headlines by setting up a “whites only” soup kitchen in Glasgow. Although the police attended the event, it did not intervene since nothing illegal took place. For many people, however, the “charity” was an open provocation: “These people are fascists who prey on the most vulnerable,” said solicitor Aamer Anwar. “Homelessness is not caused by refugees fleeing war torn countries nor is it caused by ethnic minorities. These wannabe ‘master race’ types have no place in Scotland – one look at their website reveals their true intentions.”
The United Kingdom has traditionally welcomed a vast rage of international citizens due to its colonial past, which understandably has also created some tensions. UKIP´s whole anti Europe campaign, after all, was dealing with the immigration issue and can be said to have hugely influenced Brexit voters. Traditionally poorer areas of the country that have little job opportunities for foreigners and therefore a white- British majority living there, usually are more likely to be racist have more neo- Nazi groups than big cities. This doesn´t mean however that only because you don´t know something you have the right to discriminate or damage it. Like in every other country, neo- Nazism is a real threat that actually endangers our democracy. As the example of Joe Cox sadly proofs, in extreme occasion’s extremist’s don´t even hesitate to kill an innocent mother of two little children. The irony in all of this lies in the fact that the United Kingdome was the major force against Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Winston Churchill’s famous war speech ‘I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat’ against Hitler Germany seems to be forgotten by the far- right movement. Instead of trying to imitate an ideology of the past that their ancestry fought against, national action group members should stop to terrorize people that are actually trying to make all of our lives better.


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